Without a Label

Sometimes, two people just go out for fun. Some just like to hang out and release the stress that’s been piling up. There are too many reasons to start going out with someone but my reason is simple – to know more about the person i like.

When he first asked me to go out on a date, it was like “Is he serious?!” “He must be just joking!” But we really started going out on dates like watching a movie, eating dinner together, constant messages  and some silly stuffs. He even accompanies me back home after church services and activities.

But then suddenly he turned cold towards me, no messages, no chats, no communication. Even during church services and activities he ignores me. Honestly I was deeply hurt.

I knew from the start that I shouldn’t invest too much emotion in this kind of set-up, an unclear relationship without a label, or could you still call it a relationship? But still, I fell for him.

I guess I expected too much. I just hope that this lingering feeling will disappear soon. I’m hurting but I have to keep on smiling so that our friends won’t notice anything amiss. I love him but dating without a label, without any assurance, is disheartening.


Worthy of You

There will come a time in your life when you’ll be afraid to trust someone. It’s either you don’t know them that much or that you know them for who they really are.

Most of the time, because we are afraid to get hurt and are scared to make the wrong decisions, we choose to keep our mouth shut and just listen to what others say neglecting what our heart’s desire. Continue reading Worthy of You

Reading is Worthwhile